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Open Hardware Smart Phone
[[About the LemonPie]]
To get started with this blank ZiddlyWiki, you'll need to modify the following tiddlers:\n* SiteTitle & SiteSubtitle: The title and subtitle of the site, as shown above\n* MainMenu: The menu (usually on the left)\n* DefaultTiddlers: Contains the names of the tiddlers that you want to appear when the ZiddlyWiki is opened\n
GettingStarted\n[[About the LemonPie]]\nFeaturedFeatures\nMicroController\nGSMmodule\nPrintedCircut\nPOwer\nStorAge\nConnecTivity\nOperatingSystem\nDataSheets\n
\n\n* BroadCom [[BCM2835|http://www.raspberrypi.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/BCM2835-ARM-Peripherals.pdf]]\n\n* GSMmodule [[M10 by Quectel| http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/Quectel_M10_datasheet.pdf]] \n
The GSM Module is the same one used in the official Arduino GSM shield.\n\nM10 by Quectel \n\nSim900 GPRS / GSM Shield
The Microcontroller will be the Broadcom BCM 2835, The same one used in the raspberry pi.\n
* OpenHardware\n* WiFi\n* BlueTooth\n* TouchScreen\n* OpenSoftware\n* GsM\n* VoicE\n* SmS\n* MmS\n* DaTa\n* CaMera\n
[img[http://docbox.flint.com/~cpyarger/OHSP/OH%20SmartPhone%20v2.png]]\n\n! LemonPie\n\nWhile using android and apple devices I keep feeling a fundamental frustration. \n* They do not work the way that they were meant to. \n* I am unable to diagnose and fix the issues without months of reverse engineering both the hardware and software.\n* There are limits to supported upgrades\n\nI propose that there needs to be a relatively inexpensive, solution to these issues.\n\nTo keep the design as simple as possible, I will utilize already proven technology and bring it together to accomplish my goals\n\n\n \n
Need to work on the story and a prototype.\n\nhttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cpyarger/1277373886/edit#the-story
{{{\nimport serial\nser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyAMA0', 19200, timeout=10)\nprint(ser)\nser.open()\n#ser.write('AT + CMGS = "+18025057574"\sr\sn')\nser.write('ATT\sr\sn')\nser.write('ATD +18025959365 \sr\sn')\nser.write('ATV\sr\sn')\nprint(ser.read(500))\nser.close()\n}}}
{{{\n\n\nimport serial\nser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyAMA0', 19200, timeout=3)\nprint(ser)\nser.open()\nser.write("AT+CMGF=1\sr\sn")\nprint(ser.read(100))\nser.write('AT + CMGS = "+18025057574"\sr\sn')\n#ser.write('AT + CMGS = "+18025959365"\sr\sn')\nprint(ser.read(100))\nser.write('Flint, You are a Dweeb\sr\sn')\nser.write('\sx1A')\nser.write('\sr\sn')\nprint(ser.read(200))\nser.write('AT+CNMI?')\nprint(ser.read(200))\nser.close()\n}}}
{{{\n\nimport serial\nser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyAMA0', 19200, timeout=5)\nprint(ser)\nser.open()\nwhile 1:\n ser.write('AT+CNMI?')\n print(ser.read(20000))\nser.close()\n}}}