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TechnoRubble International
one mans tech is another man's treasure Email flint@flint.com
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Type the text for 'New Tiddler'
Our booth offeres milk cartons full of plastic bagged dirt-cheap "Technorubble," including beat-up laptops, cables and other used electronics that inventors might use for parts. The goal is to get everyone to donate their own TechnoRubble for reuse and distribution.\n\nWe are preparing to participte in:\n* Maker Faires\n* Flea Markets\n* Farmers Markets\n* Web Sales\n\n
* It is a vendor based operation that makes available repackaged technical items, Open Source Software, and consulting services in Barre Vermont.\n* It is modelled after the Randolph Vermont Computing Corporation, a workers cooperative developed through the [[VEOC|http://www.veoc.org/]]\n* In addition it is a gathering place for Lan parties and technically oriented gatherings of all types\n* Educational Activities through the [[Barre Open System Institute|http://bosivt.org/classes]]
# ''Techno Rubble''\n## Get technical stuff\n## Clean up and package\n## Put on peg board\n\n# Sell Coffee\n# LAN Parties\n\n# ''Service Contract''\n## [[Sample Service Contract|ServiceContract]]
To get started with this blank ZiddlyWiki, you'll need to modify the following tiddlers:\n* SiteTitle & SiteSubtitle: The title and subtitle of the site, as shown above\n* MainMenu: The menu (usually on the left)\n* DefaultTiddlers: Contains the names of the tiddlers that you want to appear when the ZiddlyWiki is opened\n
Here is where you can fill out a receipt for [[donated Technorubble|http://docbox.flint.com:8081/donations/]]\n \n\nTechnoRubble donations are currently accepted Mondays betweens 5 and 7 PM at:\n\nHedding United Methodist Church\n40 Washington Street\nBarre, Vermont 05641.\n\nWe have [[future plans|FuturePlans]] to make it easier to participate in {{{TechnoRubble}}}\n\n\n# [[TitlePage]]\n# [[Summary]]\n# [[Introduction]]\n# [[FundingSources]]\n# [[ProblemNeed]]\n# [[Methods]]\n# [[Reports]]\n# [[Future]]\n# [[Budget]]\n
[[System Description Documentation|http://docbox.flint.com/~flint/sdd_biz.html]]
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Type the text for 'New Tiddler'
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\n[[Existing Standard Service Contract|http://family.flint.com/contract]]\n[[Existing Non-Disclosure Document|http://family.flint.com/nda]]\n\n[[Evaluation|Evaluation]]\n[[Mac|MacContract]]\n[[Linux|LinuxContract]]\n[[Windows|WindowContract]]\n[[Network|NetContract]]
Type the text for '26 September 2016'\n\nWe had a very good response at the Shelburne Mini Maker Fair. Several TechnoRubble programs are in the offing:\n# [[Mail in TechnoRubble with fulfillment and response]]\n# [[TechnoRubble Taxonomy]]\n# [[Technorubble Store Online|TechnoRubbleStore]]
Type the text for '26 September 2016'\n\nUntimately we should adapt the [[TechnoRubble Taxonomy|TechnoRubbleTaxonomy]] for use in commerce.\n\nThis could be done using:\n1. Standard "Square" technology\n2. Square with Techno
Type the text for '26 September 2016'\n\n{{{TechnoBucks}}} are cupons good for TechnoRubble...\n
'TechnoRubble Taxonomy'\n\nWe need a TechnoRubble Taxonomy:\nStarted: '26 September 2016'\n\nHow do you develop a database of TechnoRubble?\n# A table of ends.\n# A table of middles\n# Reports that combine these tables to make "end-middle-end" constructs.\n\n\n* Wire - connector?\nSpecial case - Many Ends. \nOne or Both ends?\n** One end \n*** Type \n**** Male or Female\n***** Connector type\n** Two ends\n*** First Connector Type \n**** Male or Female\n***** Connector type\n*** Second Connector Type \n**** Male or Female\n***** Connector type\n
Type the text for 'TechnoRubble'\n\nWhat is TechnoRubble?
Type the text for '26 September 2016'\n\n# Get [[Flat Rate Box|https://store.usps.com/store/browse/subcategory.jsp?categoryId=flat-rate-shipping]] from Post office\n# Go to web site\n# Fill out form\n# Print out label\n# Put Label on [[Flat Rate Box|https://store.usps.com/store/browse/subcategory.jsp?categoryId=flat-rate-shipping]]\n# Ship\n# Get in return Recept with TechnoBucks in amount of the cost of the shipping.
Type the text for '26 September 2016'\n\nThe site needs images, and a different color scheme. I would switch to a yellow to match the logo. Getting a picture of the sign would be ideal, as well as setting up an order page. we also need a user signup page, to track who orders. All of this would be a good start
Here is where you can fill out a receipt for [[donated Technorubble|http://docbox.flint.com:8081/donations/]]\n \nThe Barre Open Systems Institute (BOSI) has inaugurated, been developing and operating a project we call\n"TechnoRubble", where we try to keep electronic cords and accessories out of the waste stream. This is a self\nfunded volunteer initiative, we have a web site here:\n[[http://technorubble.org/|http://docbox.flint.com:8081/technorubble]]\n\nThe TechnoRubble booth is comprised of a vast selection of clear plastic bagged TechnoRubble that can be purchased piecewise by passers-by for $1 per bag. While the profits from this have been, shall we say minuscule, the visibility we bring to the problem of TechnoRubble in the waste stream is very positive. \n\nOne benefit we discovered when we participated in the Rutland and Shelburne Mini Maker Fairs is that fellow exhibitors who forgot some cord or other were able to find what they needed at our booth.\n\nThe proceeds from the sale of TechnoRubble are intended for use in the instantiation of a Maker Space in Barre Vermont, and part of the TechnoRubble mission is to talk up this project, and find resources to implement this\nWashington County maker space.\n\nOne example is the [[Baked Apple project|http://docbox.flint.com:8081/bakedapples/#overview]]\n
CSWD 1021 Redmond Rd., Williston, VT 05495 802.872.8111 \n\nThe Barre Open Systems Institute (BOSI) has inaugurated, been developing and operating a project we call\n"TechnoRubble", where we try to keep electronic cords and accessories out of the waste stream. This is a self\nfunded volunteer initiative, we have a web site here:\n\nhttp://technorubble.org/\n\nThe TechnoRubble booth is comprised of a vast selection of plastic bagged TechnoRubble that can be purchased piecewise by passers-by for $1 per bag. While the profits from this have been, shall we say minuscule, the visibility we bring to the problem of TechnoRubble in the waste stream is very positive. Another benefit we have discovered when we participated in the Rutland and Shelburne Mini Maker Fairs is that fellow exhibitors who forgot some cord or other were able to find what they needed at our booth.\n\nIn addition our mission is to devise a way of collecting TechnoRubble from the Vermont Population in order to untangle it, test, pack plastic bags,\nand categorize these throw away items for re-use at a substantial discount, $1 a bag. Since we are sponsored by a non-profit organization\nthe Hedding United Methodist Church of Barre, we can offer receipts to allow donators to reap the tax benefit of donation.\n\n\nAt this time we need $400.00 in order to participate in the Burlington Tech Jam which is happening at the end of October 2016. We are wondering if the Chitendon Count Solid Waste District could sponsor us, we intend to build the TechnoRubble project into every county in Vermont, and hopefully beyond.\n\n
[[Facebook Technorubble |https://www.facebook.com/groups/677911475718944/]] Group has been live for a few days, no fish yet.\n\nMy To Do List:\n\n- Count Inventory of Technorubble per carton\n- Identify PCI Cards/Gadgets/Remotes\n- Identify Length of Cables\n- Set up Technorubble-Related accounts on Image Sharing sites.\n\n
Someone give Chris a medal, the guy has been supplying us with the richest of technorubble these past three weeks!\n\nWhere's HIS receipt, huh?! HUH?!
Type the text for '21 November 2016'\n\nWe will meet in front of Hedding, and by 5:00 we will all be transported\ndown to the CVSWD offices in the old Times Argus building across the\nstreet from the Salvation Army in North Barre. There we are gonna pick\nTechnoRubble out of a big haul of stuff they got in last week. We are \nthen gonna take our Techno-booty and scamper back to Hedding (by 6:00) for\npizza and celebration.\n
Type the text for '13 March 2017'\n\nTECHNORUBBLE\n\nIn the new year we want to follow up on the interesting angle to deploy \nTechnoRubble at Libraries. At the meeting last month, J West came up with \nthis angle and I would very much like to set up at Kimball and the Aldrich \nLibraries and see if this would work. I may also try to get some traction \nat the Kellogg Hubbard. The famous [[Jessamyn West|http://docbox.flint.com/~flint/technorubble/20170109_182530.jpg]] showed up at our meeting \nlast week and checked out the whole TechnoRubble Project. Hope she remains \ninterested!\n\n- The Website [[http://technorubble.org|http://technorubble.org]].\n- The new donation letter has been updated, but not used yet...\n\nAgain, we need more TechnoRubble. The TechnoRubble untangling and packing is \npart of that effort. Part of this effort was the donation letter. The idea is \nto get people to mail their TechnoRubble to us in a USPS Flat Rate Box. I am \ngoing to complete the donation process page as soon as I can and post it.\n\n
'13 March 2017'\n\n| [[RJ-45]] | [[RJ-11]] | [[PC AC|PC_AC]] |\n| [[Wall Warts <12]] | [[Wall Warts 12]] | [[Wall Warts >12]] |\n| [[Gizmos]] | [[PC Cards]] | [[VGA/HDMI]] |\n| [[Telecom]] | [[USB]] | [[RF]] |\n| [[Serial]] | [[Parallel]] | [[PC Power]] |\n| [[KVM]] | [[Fans]] | [[Audio Video]] |
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Type the text for 'New Tiddler'
Everything Gizmos
Here is the count for PC Cards!:
Here is the count for VGA/HDMI Cables!
Type the text for 'Telecom'
Type the text for 'USB'
Type the text for 'RF'
Type the text for 'Serial'
Type the text for 'Parallel'
Type the text for 'PC Power'
Type the text for 'KVM'
Type the text for 'Fans'
Type the text for 'Audio Video'
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Type the text for 'Wall Warts >12'
Type the text for 'Wall Warts 12'
Type the text for '27 March 2017'\n\nhttps://cmfinc.wufoo.com/forms/rhrju310frzruq/ \n\nMaker Faire Vermont is psyched to be launching a new Maker Faire, the Barre Maker Faire, being held in\nconjunction with the Barre Barbecue Festival Saturday May 13 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Barre\nGranite Museum.  Please see the CALL FOR MAKERS below and apply.  Also, a heads up to you that Waterbury\nMaker Faire will be held July 15 and Rutland July 29.  And, the original and great Champlain Maker Faire\nis September 23 & 24.  Apply to all!Best regards,DougProducer, Maker Faire Vermont\n\n\n\nCall for Makers is Now Open!\n\nDear Friend of Barre Maker Faire,\nIt’s time to get ready for the Barre MakerFaire Saturday May 13, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. during\nthe Barre Barbecue Festival at the Granite Museum in Barre Vermont. Dozens of makers will exhibit to\nhundreds of visitors at this unique NewEngland Maker extravaganza!This is the inaugural year for the\nBarre Maker Faire.  We need you and your creative,innovative projects to be a part of this exciting newevent!Apply Today!  What is Maker Faire?Maker Faire events across theUnited States are celebrating a\nDIY/homegrown invention movement. Whether it’sa home-built robot, video game, handbag, miniature race\ncar, musical instrument,or sustainable micro garden, Maker Faire showcases all that is creative\nandinnovative in our community.  What is the Barre Barbecue Festival?The Barre BarbecueFestival and Maker\nFaire celebrates National BBQ Month by declaring that SummerStarts Now! This event has BBQ food vendors\nfrom around Vermont offering allkinds of traditional BBQ morsels such as ribs, brisket, pork shoulder and\nwholehog. Non-food BBQ vendors will offer demos on grills and smokers, picnictables, patio furniture and\nmore. We'll have live music by the VT BluegrassPioneers and Starline Rhythm Boys. Families can enjoy\nS'mores and play bocceball. To cap things off, we'll have meat bingo where every game winner takeshome\nsomething to put on their own grill. We anticipate that almost 1,500people will come to this event\nthroughout the day.   When and where is the Barre Maker Faire?Saturday May 13, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00p.mBarre\nGranite Museum, 7 JonesBrothers Way, Barre, Vermont  What kinds of exhibitions will be there?\nInteractive projects that showcase thevalue and process of “making,” including:\n| \n - Vintage Tech and Gaming\n - Design/Architecture/Engineering\n - Robotics\n - Hacker and Maker Space\n - Biotech/Biochem\n - 3D Printers\n - 3D Printers\n - Tesla Coils\n - Miniature Racing and Boating\n - Student Projects/Experiments\n - Clothing/Textile Design and Innovation\n - Food and Beverage Makers\n | \n - Crafts \n - Found objects\n - Visual Arts\n - Performing Arts\n - Fire/Water Displays\n - Unusual Tools\n - Kites\n - Bicycles\n - HAM Radio\n - Art Cars\n - Granite Sculptures\n - Blacksmithing\nWhat are thecharacteristics we are looking for as Makers?Ado-it-yourself project that is unique,\ninspiring, engaging, and interactivewith observers.  It tells a story.  It might be a piece of art… or a\ntool orproject that does something different.  It should be something that hasn’t been seen before, or at\nleast by fewpeople.   It should not be for commercialpurposes - no selling….at least in the Maker Demo\nSpace.  The Maker needs to be there to demo and explain.  There may be different categories insize…fits\nin a 10x10 space, or bigger, but outside.  There may be an opportunity for a differentcategory of Maker,\na company that is experimenting with some one-offprojects…things that do unique things. Its okay to take\ncommercial things and do a “mash-up” that repurposes inunique and “ah hah” ways, ie, an underwater\nbicycle.  Risky projects are encouraged, but need to bemanaged in a way that the audience and property\nremain safe.   Forexample a rocket-propelled motorcycle would be great, but would need to beshown in a\nsafe way.  Who should apply for a Barre Maker Fairebooth?\nLocal, regional, and national groups, clubs, individuals, schools,universities, and hobbyists who can\ndemonstrate or actually show the making oftheir invention/craft/project in a contained booth\nsetting.NOTE: Young Makers ages 16 andunder must have parental/guardian permission and complete\npermission form inStep 2 of application to exhibit at Barre Maker Faire2017 (we willsend to you for\nparent signature).What does it cost to exhibit?\nApplicants who are chosen by a review panel to participate will receive a10’x10’ covered display area at\nno charge.  A table and 2 chairs will be provided. Those applicants who also wish to offer their\ninventions/crafts/artworkfor sale at Barre Maker Faire may be asked to pay a fee for their booth space\n(see application for saleslevel/details).How many Makers will exhibit?\nThe Barre Maker Faire is equipped to handleupward of 30 10 x 10 display spaces on the surrounding\ngrounds.  Attendee cost is free.How many people will attend the Barre MakerFaire?The event will\nexperience more than1500 attendees throughout the day.  How do I learn more or apply to be a Maker?\nVisit the Barre Maker Faire Information Page at www.barremakerfaire.com (launching this week).The CALL\nFOR MAKERS APPLICATION is here:    https://cmfinc.wufoo.com/forms/rhrju310frzruq/  The Call for Makers is\nopen until April 30, 2017.More questions? Contact us.   (802) 578-7738 or email doug@cmfinnovation.org \n\n\n\n
Type the text for '8 April 2017'\n\n[[Confirmation |https://cmfinc.wufoo.com/confirm/barre-maker-faire-application-to-exhibit/]]
'8 May 2017'\n\n[[Barre Mini Maker Faire Website|https://www.barremakerfaire.org/]]\n\n|![[who|BMMFwho]] |![[what|BMMFwhat]] |![[when|BMMFwhen]] |![[where|BMMFwhere]]|![[how much|BMMFcost]]|
Type the text for '8 May 2017'\n\n{{{Brett McNaulty}}}\nShawn \nAubrey\nAlyson Flint\nPaul Flint
Type the text for '8 May 2017'\n\n[[Barre Mini Maker Faire|https://www.eventbrite.com/e/barre-bbq-festival-and-mini-maker-faire-tickets-32967752435]]\n\nOur role involves a [[TechoRubble Exhibit|TechnoRubbleExhibit]].
Type the text for '8 May 2017'
Type the text for '8 May 2017'
Type the text for '8 May 2017'
'8 May 2017'\n\nLoad In 4-6 PM Friday 2017-05-12\nWe will need a cash drawer with $20.00 in ones.\nTables\nLighting\nLoad Out\n
'29 May 2017'\n\n| !Date | !Location |\n| [[Waterbury|WaterburyMMF]] | July 15 |\n| [[Rutland|RutlandMMF]] | July 29 |\n| Champliagn | Sept 23-24 |\n| [[Aiken K-12|AikenK12]] | Dec 12 |\n\n
'29 May 2017'\n\nWHAT: Aiken K-12 Maker Faire and Engineering Challenge\n\nWHO: K-12 students and educators will share their engineering and creative projects with the public\n\nWHEN: Saturday, November 19, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. -- 2:00 p.m.\n\nWHERE: University of Vermont, Davis Center 590 Main Street, Burlington VT 05401
''10 July 2017''\n\n[[Waterbury Mini Maker Faire location |https://www.google.com/maps/place/Bidwell+Ln,+Waterbury,+VT+05676/@44.3366134,-72.7549769,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4cb59f1782bda6db:0x27d79d3b8a899920!8m2!3d44.3375279!4d-72.7548701]]
Type the text for '17 July 2017'\n\n[img[http://docbox.flint.com/~flint/technorubble/20160730_092636_small.png]]\n\nHigher Resolution [[TechnoRubble in Rutland Saturday 29 July 2017|http://docbox.flint.com/~flint/technorubble/20160730_092636.jpg]].
Type the text for '25 September 2017'\n\n[[$20.00 per 100|http://www.ebay.com/itm/100pcs-NEW-NFC-thin-smart-card-tag-1k-S50-IC-13-56MHz-Read-Write-RFID-/201611640066?hash=item2ef0fd7d02:g:SmQAAOSwmtJXb4Gs]]\n\n[[RFID Arduino Head|https://www.adafruit.com/product/364]]\n\nhttp://store.gototags.com/printable-nfc-sticker-ntag213-38-mm-circle/\n\nhttps://www.thermalprintersupplies.com/10018354-Zebra-3-819-x-591-RFID-ShortDipole-Label-p/10018354.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgeLG56HB1gIVRFmGCh32tQgBEAYYAyABEgIMKPD_BwE\n\n[[zebra|https://www.barcodefactory.com/pla/pla-zd50043-t112r1fz?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyoaq1KLB1gIV2FqGCh3AIwizEAYYASABEgIv_fD_BwE]]
Type the text for '26 December 2017'\n!Discarded Reusable Electronic Krapp (DREK)\nDrek is technorubble before it is born. It requires:\n* Cleaning\n* Untangling\n* Bagging\n\nOnce Drek is in a bag, it becomes....\n\n!TECHNORUBBLE\n\n* Technorubble with a photo database is called Proto-parts\n* Proto-parts in an element database is called !Parts\n
Type the text for '25 June 2018'\n\n[[PCs for People|http://docbox.flint.com:8081/technorubble/#TechnoRubbleBackground%20overview]]\n\nPCs for People\n<https://t.e2ma.net/click/b11xlb/zb6mgk/fclf6j>, a refurbishment and\nrecycling nonprofit in Minnesota, created this software to more efficiently\nredistribute technology to those in need. With the help of this new system,\nwe will be able to refurbish at up to three times our current rate,\nexponentially increasing our ability to meet our mission—enable digital\naccess for the community. We will be able to give away more computers to\nmore people, increase our reuse rate and expand our reach. This increase in\nefficiency will also allow Reuse staff members to better focus on teaching\nlearners in our new Reuse Education program.\n\n
Type the text for '9 December 2019'\n\n[[CVSWD Grant|http://www.cvswmd.org/uploads/6/1/2/6/6126179/lwrfgrantguidelines.pdf]]
Type the text for '31 December 2019'\n\n\nDeclaration of Disposal\n# Unsecured and unsupervised material on public property is considered free and available.\n## Municipal rebulation can superceed this \n## High Value Items are recorded.\n
Type the text for '2 February 2020'\n\n[[Wow|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLP_L7Mgz6M]]
Type the text for '12 July 2021'\n\nSurplus comes in many ways.\n\nHundreds of blast resistant foursquare self supporting towers are out there ready to be used as gravity generators.\n[[See More Here|http://docbox.flint.com:8081/ToP]]
Type the text for '13 February 2022'\n\n[[E-Waste: A Disaster In The Making June 22, 2020 |https://answerswithjoe.com/e-waste-disaster-making/#:~:text=E-Waste%3A%20A%20Disaster%20In%20The%20Making%20June%2022%2C,harmful%20toxins.%20It%E2%80%99s%20quickly%20becoming%20a%20looming%20disaster.]]
\n* It is our experience that {{{TechnoRubble}}} is and should be a basic material for many maker based projects.\n* Folks in the Second World should look to {{{TechnoRubble}}} as a feed-stock, as many may seldom be able to acquire the materials provided by normal means.\n\nWe aim to;\n# Re-purpose E-Waste into useful devices and research.\n# Disassemble E-Waste for acquisition of systems and components.\n# Remove useable materials and components from the waste stream.\n\n\n* Educational Aspects abound.\n